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What is Techstars Music?
Techstars Music is a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program. Each year, we will invest $120k in each of the 10 music related startups from around the world. We'll also provide office space in Los Angeles and access to artists and executives from all facets of the global music business. To help us find and mentor this new crop of startups, we've enlisted some of the leading companies in music to help us to run the program.
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Meet our Members:
I'm thrilled to open applications for Techstars Music. We're working closely with our members to find radical innovations to benefit everyone in music — including artists and fans. Ideas? I'm @bobmoz on Twitter. And watch this space for a growing list of members, mentors and artists-in-residence.
Bob Moczydlowsky, @bobmoz
Managing Director, Techstars Music

How does Techstars Work?

Techstars makes entrepreneurship more accessible by providing access to capital, guidance, marketing, business development, customer acquisition, employee recruitment, and M&A opportunities.
Techstars Music Timeline
Applications are now closed.
Program begins in Los Angeles on February 21, 2017.
October 5th, 2016
Applications open for the Class of 2017
December 11th, 2016
Applications close at midnight on Sunday, December 11, 2016
February 20, 2017
Selected companies begin the three-month program
in Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 21, 2017
May 2017
Techstars Music concludes with an invite-only
Demo Day during the third week of May, 2017
What are you working on?
Techstars Music is looking for the best tech startups building scalable solutions for:
New Music Experiences
Are you reinventing music at home, in a car, in the club, or at a festival?
Creation & Collaboration
Can you improve how we create and share music & video content?
Marketing & e-Commerce
Do you help artists connect directly
with fans for marketing & commerce?
Content Infrastructure
Will you improve how we render and deliver music & video content to fans?
Rights & Royalties
Are you working to modernize royalties, rights and licensing?
Data, Machine Learning & AI
What can you build with
mountains of user data?
Artist Discovery & Curation
Can you find & create opportunity for the right artist at the right time?
Music Education
Are you helping a generation of digital
natives learn to love and play music?
Social Platforms & Games
How will artistic careers (and fan affinities) get built in modern ways?
Techstars Music FAQ
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How much funding do Techstars Music startups receive?
A $100,000 convertible note is automatically offered to all Techstars companies upon acceptance, in addition to $20,000 in exchange for 6% common stock, plus:
  • Access to Techstars resources for life
  • Acceleration in the Techstars Music program with intense, hands-on mentorship from artists, executives from Techstars Music Member Companies and the broad music business
  • Connections to the Techstars Network of over 5,000 founders, alumni and mentors globally
  • 400 perks worth over $1,000,000
  • Office space in Los Angeles for the duration of the program
  • Demo Day and other investor connections
  • Equity Back Guarantee, the only one of its kind in the industry
Historically, Techstars companies go on to average more than $3M raised in outside capital after the program. We believe our stats speak for themselves.

Will Techstars Music Member Companies be investors in my company?
Yes, but not directly. The Techstars Music Member Companies invest in Techstars, which in turn invests in the selected startups. Only Techstars entities appear on selected company cap tables, and we do not take controlling interests.
Do we have to come to LA? Who else have you funded? Can I visit?
Yes, you'll need to come to LA to participate. But then you can go back home. The rest of these answers are on, where a more detailed FAQ covers a lot of other common questions. We recommend you go HERE and read the whole thing.
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